Roy Cook selling his Flir BCAM for $3K Canadian.

I am selling my Flir BCAM sd for $3’000;00 Canadian .
I would appreciate if you would put this on the Candian section of the NACHI BB for me.
Thanks Roy

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Good deal folks!

Just had a chat with Roy!



so that would be 4000 american? just kidding

I think you’re right on actually.

With the current exchange rate it would be a little over $2500 USD.

It is a great deal but decided to pass. Roy was on the road and couldn’t talk for long. On my way to an inspection, was thinking about the # of cameras showing up in this small market. Engineers, insulators, energy auditors and some commercial roofers have cameras here. Might take a long while to break into a small IR market and really don’t have time to sell the service ar pfresent. As far as I know only 1 HI who is also a gov’t certified energy auditor has a camera here. The great price got me and had a quick knee jerk reaction. Sober second thought won though.

One would think with all those multi-million dollar homes you inspect that you could afford an IR Camera!:roll:

If you can’t take the heat stay out of the kitchen! Is that the correct saying? lol;-)

It’s not affording it…it’s being able to sell the service with so many other jumping into the field. You may be able to foist your services on the unknowing public by making it sound like you can find every and all electrical problems as well as some other defects that you would find by fluke than more by systematic diagnosis/analysis…but I can’t do that!! (Note: See his website)

Yesterday I talked to the owner of a multifaceted company that does boiler maintenance and commercial, industrial, residential insulation and IR services to industry and now to homes. They have a Flir EX320 that they use for their own internal purposes of insulation coverage verification and some industrial scanning.

They have now begun to concentrate of the residential energy retrofit field due to the amount of work (big $$$) being carried on due to federal and provincial grants. There is a federally certified energy auditor on staff and they have won 2 large bids in the government low income household energy retrofit program in which I was contracted to manage the pilot project for in 2007. They now have pretty good exposure in the retrofit field and…have not received a call for a house scan yet except from me!! (for a friend)

With so little actual demand, why should I invest now…I’m too busy now to promote it. It was a knee jerk reaction.

BTW, when talking to Roy last evening, we commented on how few registered users are on these boards most of the time. At the time, there were 63 registered and over 200 guests. As I post there are 43 registered users and 223 guests. Way down from the board highs of 1,000+ simultaneously online many days…Guess you should invite Roy and Ray back!!!

You don’t have to write a book next time to justify why you didn’t buy cookes camera!:shock:
You can either afford it, or not!:roll: