Lightly used FLIR Systems BCAM camera for auction.

Highest bidder wins.
Free shipping.
Guaranteed (don’t like it, send it back and I’ll auction it off again).






202.50 lolol dont make me over there Mark

205, lol this will go a week at this rate…


Nick-why don’t you raffle it off at one of John’s extensive thermal imaging classes (or has he gone exclusively “fluke”)?

well Kenton, that should put a stop to this nonsense! :slight_smile:


I smell a plant…lol…Just kidding Kenton…:wink:

You need one of these Paul! :wink:

I’ll give you training for free, heavens knows you “trained me” enough! :-0



was hoping he was kidding or drunk

I don’t know if Kenton “kid’s around” or not, but the drunk thing is something different!!! :shock::mrgreen::mrgreen:

That broke the new guys budget


$500 just in case:D