Send a Home Inspector into Space

Would like to know if we could post these 2 links. There is a contest to place 22 people in space from all over the world the one from Puerto Rico is a Home Inspector. Here are the links and his name is Pedro Alicea we need inspectors to vote for him so we can send a Home Inspector into Space.
Attached is the promotion (in Spanish).

Please Vote, Thank you

I voted for him, Mary…but I think some of the guys on here are out there already.

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No habla espinol

Thank you all for your votes. No need to speak Spanish to vote just follow the link.
And again thanks

He is still in the running just needs a few more votes. he is right now in 2 place with only about 80 votes behind number one. Vote.
Thank you all

Please continue to vote our Home Inspector is number one in the running. Here is the link;

Thank you guys

Could not understand it.
Not in English.

It is a contest to send a regular person to space and the one running in first place is from Puerto Rico and a Home Inspector.

Nice… just voted Mary. Much luck to Pedro.


You mean to tell me you couldn’t find an online translator?

Click your vote… enter your email address… enter the capcha… done!

Cut the bs and vote already! :stuck_out_tongue:

I voted!

I voted…good luck :smiley:

Thank for all the votes we are voting here also…