Seperate roof inspector?

How many inspectors do their own roof inspection and how many use a certified roof contractor? What do you think are the pros and cons?
I used to have a roof guy do mine and paid him $50 and the termite guy $35 so I was giving away $85 per insp. Also do you think it’s okay to just take pictures from a ladder, etc since standard practices don’t require walking on a roof? Appreciate the input.

Jonathan Wilhelm

I personally do the roof inspections myself. I have hired contractors to do it in the past, however, I felt their inspection was a little rushed and the report that I was provided at the end was typically very brief and unprofessional (just my experiences). I prefer to have the Realtors and my Clients see me spend time physically on the roof and then I provide a very detailed roof report within my HI report. I personally feel that you should walk the roof (if safe). This is the best way to inspect all appurtenances, valleys, possible limb abrasions, and overall condition of shingles, tiles (chips, tears, scuffs, broken edges, fasteners in wrong places, rusted or exposed fasteners, etc. I just can’t get all this information (for the entire roof) from the ladder. Strictly speaking for myself, there is no adequate substitute for walking the roof when a safe environment exists.

Have always done my own roofs.
I access/walk single story roofs. Not metal or clay though.
2 story if there’s sometimes a balcony I can put my ladder up safely.
Otherwise, my remote camera pole stops by.
Gotta drone, but not practiced enough yet to feel comfortable about it.