Walking a Roof

I’m removing my original post because I thought these forums were supposed to be used for constructive feedback from our brothers and sisters in InterNACHI. Call me what you will. I won’t waste any more time with this forum. Thank you to those who actually tried to help.

Depends on the situation, walking the roof safely is the preferred inspection process.

Agree, but walking a roof safely for an experienced person, could be a danger to another that has never walked a roof.


Roofs are always too scary, just like home inspectors. Why do something that you’re not required to do? Agents will love you. Stay grounded, be safe, and make money the easy way.

So, I was wanting to hear from guys who don’t go on a roof. And, I said that I really didn’t need to hear from guys who say you should. I think that might have been missed.

I know there aren’t many guys who don’t go on a roof, but I’m thinking they are out there. Everywhere I turn, I read articles for home buyers saying something to the effect, “If walking a roof is important to you, be sure your inspector does it”. If EVERYBODY walks a roof, then why are these articles so prevalent?

And, for the guys who say you should always (as long as it’s safe) walk a roof. I guess i’d like to hear more on that. I have done many inspections with another inspector taking the lead. In those instances, I have noticed that only about 20% of those roofs were walked. And, I’m talking not greater than 4:12, shingle, 1 or 2 story, on a bright and sunny day…none of the “safety concerns”. I have had many inspections done for me, personally, before entering this line of work and less than half of those walked the roof. So, while I see that everyone would say they walk every roof (safety concerns, not counted)…my real life experience tells me that it is less than 1/2 and maybe closer to 20%.

So, when I read all of these articles that say to ask your inspector if they walk the roof. And I only hear that every inspector does walk every roof. But my real life experience demonstrates this is not true… Am I just witnessing a lot of dishonesty and/or excuses in the field? For those who say they walk every roof…if you had to put a percent to it, how many other inspectors would you say walk every roof?

Not trying to pick a fight. Just feeling like I’m not getting a straight answer.

Thanks Joshua! So, do you “stay grounded”? And if so, have you ever had to talk your way through that or have any real disagreement from you client or agent?

He is messing with you…:smiley:

Good article here; Mastering Roof Inspections: Accessing the Roof, Part 1 - InterNACHI

I never walk on metal roofs.
They can be slick as Owl sh*t and you can do damage to the roof and yourself…

Don’t be a poosie. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=akzhWSLmgY0)

It’s spelled “*****”. But, thanks for the great input!

When you get sued for not discovering all the loose cement tiles
don’t waste your time to come back and cry about it.

Bye ! and Please with your sissy $200 inspections don’t never come back!..OK?

[quote=“frotte, post:11, topic:124022”]

Don’t be a poosie. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=

Is that all you think about Frank! SEO…Really.
I didn’t even waste my time lookin’ at it…Nope!


I walk every roof I can. Ive walked many that once I got to the ridge I wished I hadnt of. Much easier to go up than down. As I was standing at the ridge doing a balancing act looking back down at my ladder, I was thinking, why on earth did I climb up here when I didnt have to! No one was going to sue me if I didnt climb up here! You know why?

Roofs that are of a pitch less than 6 to 12 must be inspected by walking
on them unless adverse conditions exist. Roofs that are of a pitch equal
to or greater than 6 to 12 may be inspected by viewing them at least from
eave level if eaves are safely accessible with a 12’ ladder used according
to manufacturer’s instructions.

There is no need to try to be superman, no ones cares. I want to go home to my family at the end of the day.

State the limitation and move on.

You asked how to get out of doing your job, then blamed the answers. Brilliant.

Personally, I enjoy walking every roof that is safe to do. It’s often very peaceful and serein up there.

I don’t know about enjoying every roof lol, but most are fun…it’s funny to me how “nervous” I am when it’s a tall 2 story home vs a 1 story…it’s such a mental thing…my inlaws retirement cabin is 4800ft up in NC with a ridiculious view, it’s 2 stories with the back of the house sitting on top of a 20ft retaining wall, I was puckered up getting within 5-6 feet of the edge even though it’s a 3/12 over the decks, but seeing tree tops and then the valley below made it feel much higher lol

I had a 3 level multi-family this morning.

But there was a balcony, so I used my xtend and climb to access the roof from the top floor balcony. No biggie. Felt very safe going up and walking around. Until I walked back toward my ladder, looked past my ladder, and looked all the way down, and for 1/2 a second I couldn’t figure out how I had gotten so high up!


Then you don’t know what you missed. :slight_smile: