Septic and Well Testing

I was wondering if anyone has a good list put together of items to check while doing septic and well inspections??

Thanks in advance!

Refer it out to much liability, or get professionally trained.

I would start with:

  1. Poop
  2. Water

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You can get started with these articles.

Remember that chit always runs downhill. If it aint doin’ that, then, Houston I think we have a problem.:wink:

Most states requires a license to do these inspections. Good luck going through the red tape.

Find and uncover the distribution box, the tank, maybe a line. Great reason to buy that backhoe you always wanted and hire a laborer. And get licensed. Refferal looking better?

James, Missouri is fairly easy to become a septic inspector; go through the installer’s course to become a licensed installer then go through the inspector course to become a licensed inspector.

You may of had an easy time of it but they really have screwed with me. The installer class and the inspector class was about a year and a half apart.
They have finally got their education credit straighten out. It was a nightmare a few years ago just to prove that you took any classes.
Tried to get an electronic version of the forms last summer, but they said in a month are so they will be coming out with new forms. I have not seen any new forms yet.
Do not get me wrong. They have improved but still not real fast.
I once inspected a restaurant, gas station and garage. Their system failed within a few minutes of stress testing. An inspector from the state called me chewing on my a$$ because he got an a$$ chewing from the seller. I told him I already got my a$$ chewing from the seller, it is his turn. I told him if he was afraid of getting his a$$ chewed then he ought not be an inspector. The Department of Natural Resourses was pretty cool to deal with though. The seller called them and they went down there and told the seller personally that the grease pit in the garage can not drain into the colbert, and then shut the garage down.
Right after Matt blunt became governor he cut the budget of most government offices. It took over 30 days to get my termite license renewed. I had to finally go down there and camp out after my license expired. Finally they got tired of me and had somebody find my $25.00 payment which was in my file.
Anything the government does gets screwed up.

So a program gets set up and may run smoothly… until some right leaning tax cutting /vote buying (with your money) person gets elected…gov’t offices now have lower staff /resources and things get slowed down…funny about that when budgets get cut.

A few years ago I heard a retired GOP governor of Minnesota proclaim about the “promise-tax-cuts” route to buying votes: “Hell, even Republicans used to raise taxes when necessary”. Seems that most of the tax cuts now are to buy votes /soothe the greedy and let the great countries (Canada and US) and infrastructure we’ve built go to pieces.

Talked to a plumber yesterday and He told me of some one who had their Sump running into the sanitary.
Well big rain and the pump was sending more water then the sanitary could handle.
Well the people where out and when they came home the pump had sent Poopy water up through the Kitchen sink .
Big mess Insurance did not cover as incorrect installation .
Make sure you do not miss writing up sumps in our area are not allowed to discharge into sanitary.
Write hard talk soft miss nothing .

I would really have to ask myself, is there enough money as a home inspector to inspect wells/septic? In my neck of the woods absolutely not. I just cant imagine the liability, however in a previous post I noticed that would be the reason for getting that new backhoe I have been wanting. IMHO

Here is what I do when they have a septic system that they want to inspect. First I tell them that I do not do this. Second the only way I know that there is a problem is if If I smell it :frowning: I see it :neutral: or if I am standing in it:mad: other than that they need to call someone that deals with the CRAP (Literallly).

But as Troy said it is a liability and you should determine the need in your area and how often you will be doing them. Get PROPERLY trained to do so, if you choose to do so!

WOW. I was just skimming the boards ran into this. I guess you are FOR big government, higher taxes and the like. Those of us that are part of the right wing conspiracy continue to hold that minimal government intervention is best. When the government gets involved (via income redistribution) those of us that got an education, work hard, and earn a living are the ones that lose. A friend of mine “on the left” is just filled with disdain for Bill Gates. “The filthy rich…” I told my buddy if you don’t like it go invent the next Operating system. Anyways, I just wanted to ring in with my opinion (everyone has them). This probably isn’t the place for this banter, but I couldn’t let this nonsense go unanswered. The next time you’re enouraged about the government taking over something remember the lines in the Post Office, Local Department of Motor Vehicles, Airport Security (just to name a few), and any other government run entity that has taken over our lives and ask yourself if you are having a better life because of it. Please don’t reply with the rhetoric about “Halliburton”, the war in Iraq, or any of the other catch phrases. It’s probably been plenty long enough for some to remember the tragedy that happend a few short years ago in New York city, but I haven’t forgotten.
Now if we can agree to disagree I hope your business is going well and I wish you the best.
Bob Parmenter
22 Years U. S. Navy

The best place i have seen is there is a great artical on septic testing.

Joe Farsetta at has what you need for well testing. His CD is $125 and has everything you need to perform well proforance testing. He is a NACHI instructor.