Septic inspection pricing

What do you charge for septic inspections. I just lost an inspection after giving the septic inspection quote.

Using PSMA Standard
Standard Inspection = $ 395
Hydraulic Load Test (2 day) = $790

Do you pump to inspect?

I do not pump to inspect my quote was 225. I also gave. A price of 345 to pump I had a company to sub to for the pump/ inspect

What do you look at for $225?

Locate and check locate d box for leaks
Locate tank and determine check baffels
Dig 2-3 test pits in leeching area
Run water to determine functionality.
Measure sludge/ effluent in tank

There are septic installers in my area that perform septic inspections. Just like pest control companies, they will always be cheaper than me. If the buyer wants a third party inspection, he has to pay more.
I know if I was a seller, I would only recognize a third party report.

Your price might be too cheap, and is scaring off the buyer.

Matthew, your price is right in the middle. Southern NH pricing runs 200 to 275. You lost job to a bottom feeder…let it go. Those clients are more trouble than they are worth.

Mark is correct and there are a few companies in NH that are easily getting $350 for their inspections but I think they also scope the line out to the tank on every one for that price. I don’t do them myself but I know Kent does them for $225 to $250 everyday and are very busy doing them!
Stick to your pricing as it is not worth it typically chasing “those Clients” and will cost you much more in problems down the road! If people don’t want to spend $200 to $400 to protect them from having to spend $10 to $30k on a new system they are not very smart!

I would have charged more but I was doing it in conjunction with a home inspection water test and radon test. The full price was 750. Including the septic inspection

Thanks for the input I appreciate it from an inspector familiar with the market

Matthew, we perform septic inspections every day with our sister company. We charge 200 to 250 depending on a couple of factors. Kents is a good company and so are we. We do inspections for other home inspectors as well… (sales pitch). You just had one of those bottom feeding clients. Any time you want to discuss the market feel free to give me a call.

Mark I actually considered having your company do the septic inspection. I had called your sister company. But you were not available on Saturday. I am a 1st year home inspector. I took the internachi septic class but haven’t done a septic inspection yet. I thought best to let someone else well I build up knowledge on septic inspections. But my client had mentioned he was only available on Saturday. He doesn’t live local. Mass flatlander buying a vacation home.

Thank you Matthew for considering us. We were already fully booked. Please keep us in mind and thank you again.

Think of it as if you at a restaurant. The main course is priced reasonably but drinks and desserts are priced high. The goal is to make more money off auxiliaries than the home inspection. Instead of performing two home inspection, you can make more on one home inspection with a bunch of auxiliaries, that day. Also never total the whole thing up for the buyer. Price per inspection type and have the buyer total it up.

Good advice James!

Sounds like you are priced about where we are here in Northern Michigan!

My pricing is $250 for what you’re describing and if there is a dosing/pump tank, its $25 more. This is with a home inspection.
I do include a well flow/static pressure (for functionality only) test and water quality test for the $250.00.