Septic Inspection

Anyone have a contact for a septic inspection in the Kitchener area?



How old is the system? Usually the agent (it may even be on the realtor forms) advises them to have the tank pumped. They should have thie done and the puming person tell them the condition of the tank.
Many inspectors run a bathtub of water, and fill a sink with water. They then pull the plug on both and flush the toilet at the same time and feel this tells the condition of the system. Meanwhile the tank is full of st, and to be perfectly honest, evertime I stick my head in a barrel of st, it gets in my eyes and I cannot see too much.:mrgreen:
The only way to really tell the condition of the system is to pump the tank and visually inspect it.

Yeah, I know. I am a home inspector.

I am looking for an outfit that has a sewer camera and associated equipment to check the lines, D box etc.


Call Rotor Router, some of them have that equipment.