Septic ?

So if a Florida house has a septic which most do in this area, do you recommend that it get inspected and pumped prior to closing and make remarks in your report? Do you leave it up to the agent and just assume the customer knows a septic system needs to be pumped every so often.
And really where do you draw the line to help lower your liability, if they have well water do you advise them they need to maintain salt levels and get that inspected because its outside of the scope of your SOP? even though the customer should be aware of these things.

I always recommend pumping and at least a visual inspection. I give company names and even line up the services as a courtesy. This is sometimes helpful for out-of-town clients. The tank should be pumped on principle alone. It is kind of like moving into a home filled with contents that you have to pay to get rid of. The home needs to be in broom clean condition at transfer. The tank should be clean too. If the system is older, or there have been issues, I always recommend a camera inspection for the system.

In VA it’s required for sellers to have the septic pumped and inspected. I always remind and recommend this to the customers. I let them know in person and in my report that we didn’t it. I never assume realtors are going to do anything.