septic system

How often do you suggest that a septic system tank cleaning be done?

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some say about every three years but to check with your local septic company.

In my county it is required to be pumped at least every three(3) years and proof needs to be submitted to the county.

Damn laws and rules again…my area has no requirements. Many times in the past 15 years, I get the feeling the US is regulated more tightly than good ole socialist Canada.

Every three years seems to be the average

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If You have a system with the air infiltration pump it is worth while to keep up with it every 2-3 years as it is hard on the shaft and motor if You allow it to go too long…standard septic with leach bed left too long just clogs up leach bed…it is a matter of paying now or more later for neglecting it…

Boy it sure depends on who you talk to. I seen the same house change hands twice in 10 years and no septic pump. My neighbor has never pumped his since 1974 yep thats right, and I know what your thinking and it doesn’t stink, although it was next to a working dairy farm. so how could you tell right. Funny thing is he was a **** sucker. he said it really depends on the size of the tank and the amount of occupants are in the home. he actually would throw the Fleischman’s yeast in his tank ever so often.

Yeah that is what my next door neighbor kept saying Troy…He had to put a new leach bed in this year because he waited too long between pumpings…like I said …pay a little every few years or a whole bunch after a few years of neglect…I get my system pumped and cleaned every 2-3 years…

I’ll bet he’s got a separate greywater system, grease and laundry soap go into a trap. Grease and soap are what clogs up the septic. Three years is a good rule if your laundry drain feeds into the septic tank.

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