QOD 03-22-06 Septic systems

A septic system Question for y"all.

I pick B

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Recommended servicing of a septic system is dependant upon present Age, Condition, Size, Type and Number of Occupants.

I defer Septic Inspections, along with recommendations, to PSMA Certified Inspectors.


Actual answer is not available in this posted Poll…

I agree with Joe. There’s no correct answer to this one, or incorrect answer, for that matter.

Correct…way too vague. My septic tank needs “pumping” (service) every 2 years…but I have 4 in the family…and each time he pumps he says it didn’t really need it…but safe than sorry eh?

Gentlemen, you must read the question again! There is a correct answer!

It should be every year because the aerobic systems have motors.

Ladies & Gents,

The correct answer is every year. - Aerobic systems have moving parts, some have chorinators, active or passive, and ALL have blowers.

New systems are required by NSF to be serviced by the installer every six months for the first two years. All NSF Standard 40, Class 1 certified wastewater treatment systems have an initial service agreement for two years (two calls per year) included with the system’s initial purchase price. After the initial two years, the unit’s performance will indicate if twice yearly service needs to continue, but once yearly is the safe minimum service interval.

To find out who is the NSF initial service provider for the system, check the labels on the blower housing or control panel.

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Well there you go…that is why we are going to the April 24-25th seminar in Denver…thanks for the question.


Arent there aerobic systems, and septic (anaerobic ) tanks.

Your question was aerobic septic, which is what I believe threw some of us odd.

There is a septic tank in an anaerobic system, and an aerobic system with a treatment tank. Oxygen is introdiced mechanically into an aerobic system, where with a septic ystem, there are no moving parts (except for a pump in some instances).


I agree.

The mechanicals (air filter, motor lube, timer adjustment, etc) need serviced annualy, but the ENTIRE system does not. Pumped every three as with other septic systems or per local Health Dept. standards. MHO

Tricky question can be taken two ways.

I have seen one or two systems that supposedly had moving strainers, that required cleaning annually.


As I understand it, an anerobic septic tank combined with a failing leach bed or field, can be modified by adding an extended aerobic system treatment tank, thereby revitalizing the leach field over time. The primary tank still operates anerobically and oxygen is added to aerobically treat further the effluent. Many of these systems include bag filters, plastic media, and some strainers.

These combination systems are referred to as an extended aerobic septic system. Each of the 33 manufacturers must adhere to the “twice yearly for two years” inspection rule as a condition of an NSF rating.

Sorry for any confusion, However it’s important to note that many failing or undersized systems are being upgraded in this way, especially around the Chespeake Bay watershed; and rural lakes (like Smith Mountain Lake, VA, where I live). I’ve run across many of these installations and thought the question might shed some light on them.