Septic Tracer Suggestions?


I am looking into purchasing a tracer so I can locate Septic Systems easier. What are some suggestions for a good tracer that anyone has? The thing that worry me the most is loosing the tracer that I flush / the expense for replacing them. Plus I really don’t want to have to fish through sludge to get a tracer out of a tank to reuse it if I don’t need too.

Thanks all!

If someone hasn’t invented a tracer with a fishing line that can be attached to it, maybe now is the time…or a magnetic tracer and an extendable heavy duty magnet to retrieve it? :smile:

Larry, I have a couple of crappy ideas. :rofl:

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I have found myself wishing I had one while looking for a tank but don’t and understand this equipment is expensive.
From someone who does many septic inspections in a year, get a ground probe as they are about $50.00 for a 42".
Although its manual labor, this works best most of the time.

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Scott, do you have it pumped before you inspect the tank?

If the level is low and it hasn’t been pumped out for years, I recommend a septic company pump, clean and repair.
Otherwise I simply note levels, flow in/out and baffle condition and drain field condition.

I do see some low and possibly leaking but often its a vacation home that was pumped out in the not too distant past and not used and still hasn’t filled up with the minimal use.

Gotcha… :smile:

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Do you pull the lids everytime? Or some ply check the drain field depending on when it was pumped last?

Also, recommendations for what type of analog tracer to use?

It would be difficult to check for breaks or cracks without pulling the lid and having it pumped clean. :smiley: