Cs/cs/hb 285

For your reading pleasure. Not passed yet.

John the file will not open it wants you to save it to your computer. What is it about if you do not mind paraphrasing?

I thought the seller was already required to disclose a septic system. This just makes it official?

I would think that would be an issue every inspector would ask or look into.

I have a septic company that pumps out the system if the client agrees to do so.
Where I’m at almost all are on septic and well.

The bill started with requiring pumping and inspection prior to sale. It has changed several times.

Sounds like some in the legislature or government, or close friend bought a home with a septic system that went bad.

One of the Kansas Counties where I’m at requires that on a TRANSFER of Real Estate by the Counties Health Sanitacian and a Pumper of buyers choice. Takes a big load of liability off the inspectors

We cannot inspect septic systems, there is no liability for us.

The bill is progressing, with no major changes