Becoming Certified in Alberta, Canada

Hi, I am working on becoming an RHI in Alberta and wanted to know if anyone here would be able to give me some advice on exactly how to become certified. I am working through the Carson Dunlop HI course and need to get some information on the test inspection that is required after completing the course. Any info would be helpful, thanks!

Welcome, Macgregor! This may be of assistance to you:

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The RHI designation is done through CAHPI. You don’t need to have that designation to become licensed in Alberta. There are other avenues to getting licensed such as InterNACHI’s Alberta approved courses and going through InterNACHI will cost much less than the Carson Dunlop courses. If you follow the link that Larry posted, you can find all the information you need on becoming an Alberta licensed home inspector, including a list of qualified CMI’s that can conduct the required test inspection.