Service Clearance

Chicago condo building, six condo units, built 2002. Masthead and loops located near 2nd floor master bedroom window. Would you be concerned?

Service Mast 002 (Small).jpg

Service Mast 002 (Small).jpg

Service Mast 001 (Small).jpg

Not quite 3 feet, is it? Good call.

(May or may not apply per AHJ): 2003 IRC E3504.1 Clearance from building openings. Open conductors and multiconductor cables without an overall outer jacket shall have a clearance of not less than 3 feet from the sides of doors, porches, decks, stairs, ladders, fire escapes and balconies, and from the sides and bottom of windows that open.

Yeah…I would have a problem with it…Make sure it appears in your report ( as I am sure it does ) just in case someone in the house decides to use it as a cloths line…cover your SIX…( i learned that SIX means A$$ in canada…I think )

It was kind of funny. I’d already jotted down a note during my exterior go-over. At the debrief and walk-around, the client (a first-time buyer and intelligent, but clueless about homes) looked-up and said, “Is that o.k.?”

I smiled and said…“No. No it’s really not.”


“your six” is airplane talk, no matter where you live. (6 o’clock position with 12 being straight ahead)

But it does apply per safety.

I don’t get excited too much what the AHJ would say in this particular instance–the damn thing is not safe and that is all there is to it.

The raceway is not a problem, the service drop conductors are the issue, even with the IRC reference.

A solution could be to fix the window in place so as it does not open…of course if the BD permits that.

Really…>Dang Canadians…they told me it was a Canada thing…lol

You must have slept through “Top Gun”.

lol…their was a movie named Top Gun…?:wink: