Service drop distance from chimney?

Is there a set distance a electrical service wire should be from a chimney? This home the wire was like 12 inches above the chimney cap. It was not a wood burning chimney. The flue was only for a oil furnace but I still think there must be a distance requirement?

The NEC does not specify a distance. I’ve seen service drops from the pole actually attached to a fireplace chimney.

The key word (above) hmmmm. I would call it out.

Based on what?

It’s 12 inches above a oil burner flue.

Oil exhaust has a very high sulfur content, and when combined with moisture forms sulfuric acid. :roll:
I don’t know but… maybe there might be a problem there at some point in time.

I would call it out (write it up) simply due to the potential electrocution hazard to Chimney sweeps or roofers when on the roof.

Then you could write up every home with an overhead service as a danger to painters, roofers or anyone with a ladder.