metal chimney clearance from trees

I know that the termination of a chimney should be 2’ above any part of a building within 10 feet.

But I’m looking for what the proper clearances (above and beside) are for trees from the termination of a metal chimney.

I know this is too close (currently about 5 feet to the side and above) but am not sure how far away the tree should actually be. Any help would be appreciated.

It is not the Chimney that is the Hazard. It is the Tree.

Recommend pruning and/or removal of the Hazardous Tree.

I’m not sure you would be able to find anything that shows an answer to your question.

However, in this case, I would recommend that they consider removing the tree in its entirety, as it is encroaching on several systems of the home that may become damaged, or otherwise function “improperly.”

Things that come to mind are the chimney, roof/eaves, service drop (seen in the picture) and possibly the foundation.


A Tree with Limbs within striking distance of a structure is Hazardous.

A recommendation of Pruning and/or Removal is warranted.

What do you mean by this Joe? Striking as in falling?

Potential Hazards.

Too close to the Structure.

Compromising the Foundation (There are many 100 year old rubble foundations in this area)

Dead / Decaying limbs.

Overgrowth and visible lack of maintenance/pruning.