Service drop


Branch circuits…


LOL -I like it.

Not just the service drop…also the “Service Entrance Conductors-Overhead” as well. You have two component problems in this image. The “Service Drop” to the “Service Point” which we will assume is at the point of connection (Utility to Premise Wiring Point) and from that portion down to the service disconnect you have the “Service Entrance Conductors-Overhead” as well.

But I like the “BRANCH” comment better…:wink:

Supposed to report on aluminum branch wiring, but what about wood? Does species count?

Lol…now thats funny. You know someone will add “wood” to their reporting system now…

I guess they will require BFCI’s “Bark fault circuit interrupters” in the bedrooms too.

Okay, I’m done!!

Yeah…lets end on that one.

This thread has beem closed.

Aww -you guys are no pun.

We haven’t even got started on Green building…