Service Drop and SEC

Originally a 60 amp service upgraded to 200 amps.

I think they missed the mark. . .

Jeff, how “hard” did you write this up?

That is a mess. I would hope that an electrician didnt do that. What did the rest of the system look like? I have never seen a mast installed like that. The support looks like it could let go at any time.

It was almost 60 in Cleveland today. I envy you living in Sunny California.


There were other issues as well (as you can see in this photo). I wrote it as improper splices on the SEC’s and the service drop too low to the driveway.

Both being safety issues to be corrected by a state licensed electrical contractor.

Sunny David? Yes, but a brisk 38 degrees in the High Desert.

Damn you come across some of the most bizarre electrical configurations I’ve ever seen.

Isn’t any wonder why the frigging state is on fire half the time…>:-;;

Looks like they temped it in but never got a clearance for the utility hookup. They must’ve been afraid to move the drop onto their new riser, hence the jumpers. And what a way to install a roofjack! Yes I’d say it was a DIY that couldn’t pass inspection or didn’t even get a permit.

I believe the “jumpers” were actually the original service entrance conductors for the 60 amp panel. . .

Did you write up the Christmas Lights? Its over people…take em down.:roll:

I’m surprised they didn,t run some wired down the vent pipe. Wonder if that pig tail is UV rated? Water intrusion around ther corner!

lol…You know Jeff…I have come to believe now you are the MASTER at finding these way out things…lol…I am in AW of the things you find and SOOOO glad I don’t have to find them around here…lol…much less the one they call to fix them…lol

Jeff, it looks as though it was a fairly new install. Obvious no permits

Just plain scarry.