Service Entrance Ground Wire Question

New inspector warning, be gentle!

I noticed a wire coming off of the service entrance and going to the gutter. What is the wire and what is it for? Is it allowed to go through the gutter?

It looks like a guy wire.


I agree guy wire for supporting the mast. Given the mast height it may not be needed. How old is the roof, looks like the roofer removed it.

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Shouldn’t a guy wire be a little tighter?


I don’t have an exact age on the roof covering but based on the granules and rubber boots it appears to be young. The home owner did a lot of work to the house before listing it.

The sheathing is quite old I’d say. The house was built in 1915 and the sheathing is tongue and groove.

Roof appears to be newer so my guess is that it was removed to install the new roof.

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And the lazy roofer didn’t reattach the guy wires back to the house… Go figure…

It looks like a (BROKEN/DISCONNECTED) guy wire.

My bold above… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

And be headed in the opposite direction?

But yeah dude… It’s either some old guy wires, looks like it leans a little without them, or the kids were getting really brave and creative in the backyard trying to climb the walls.

I’d be more concerned with the fact that the insulating wrap is coming off of the connections and the guy wires are kinda dangling around them. Good recipe for a light show and a charred house.

Yes and then they drop down to the metal gutter which could energize the gutter. In fact, the poster was lucky on this one. Throw a ladder up against a hot gutter and sizzle.

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