Exterior wire & supports

Is this exterior wire that appeared to be for the A/C improperly installed below the meter?

It is supposed to be protected and why is it installed at the exterior and not at the panel?

The supports used for the wires is improper. What is the proper hanger for this type of wire?


111008 008 (Small).jpg

111008 008 (Small).jpg

111008 038 (Small).jpg

111008 039 (Small).jpg

Around here that would be in Liquid tight conduit.(not romex)
Yes call it out on the non approved hangers (what is that? zip ties)
Looks like they never sealed the opening either.
Recommend a certified electrician make corrections

I do not see any of liquid tight (Yellow) wires connected at the main panel.

What the hey!!!

111008 016 (Small).jpg

111008 015 (Small).jpg

Hi Dave, It looks to me like the Romex is “punched” through the siding and routed behind the service entrance and disappears. Did they make a turn and go under ground or did they go up to a disconnect? Is the Romex rated for outside/burial? I would have thought that the wire should stay inside the house and then pass directly into a disconnect box and then to an approved outside wiring method. The cable hangers on the inside look like phone wire hangers.

Dave, Is it my imagination or is the service drop wire/connection on the right side of the main breaker overheated?


It does look like it in the photo. Good eyes!!

Hang on just a minute here .
Could those just be phone lines?
If so just right them up as needing a drip loop and silicone sealant at the external entry point

That is a good possibility. There is a communication box near the main panel.

Yeah I know.
Thats why I asked as it looks like it, but I did not scrutinize your first post.
If correct the yellow jacket stuff is underground telco drop line.
Bet they have more than one phone number.

Great catch Robert!! That makes complete sense now. The Telco demark is on the left side of the service drop and those inside hangers are telco cable hangers. This pic should be on a test somewhere…

Dick Moran

Looks like structured media cable - the usual variety has 2 cat5 4pr cables for data or phone and 2 RG6 coax cables for TV.

Another good catch. The splitter for the coax is right there next to the service drop.

Dick Moran