What is on the roof?

Can anybody tell me what this is on the roof? It is at the peak of a two story home. On the inside of the attic I can see a plate with bolts but there is nothing attached to it. Also what is the wire?


Hi Louis,

Probably the base for a satellite dish



Or it could be an external antenna for XM or Sirius radio.

Thank you gentleman.

That is a safety harness attachment point. Very common on a steep roof. Had a plastic shield over the metal bracket.

With a wire Steve??



Didn’t see the wire until 2nd view. No idea what that is for but THISis the common attachment up here in Washington with the wet, moss covered roofs.

Yes, it is a fall arrest anchor.

See more details at this link:



Safety cable snapped when the overweight contractor fell ??? :shock: :smiley:

“Wire” is a lanyard to keep the cap/cover within reach after usage. Otherwise it slides down the roof just like the unattached workers. :shock:

Hi to all,

I stand corrected, I’ve never seen one like that.

In fact I never see them at all, all I see is the skid marks in the asphalt shingle and the flattened shrub below :wink:



Now that is is all said and done!

Hitching post for reindeer?? :slight_smile: This might not look good in your report!


Do the skid marks change color closer to the bottom?