Service Entrance Window Clearance

This SE drip loop is clearly in front of the bedroom window on a cape house. Location is Babylon township, Long Island New York.

(I cannot attach pics here)

I am amazed the the POCO made the connection. It is a new wire to replace a deteriorated existing SE cable.

BadaBing Bong,

One interesting point is that if that portion of the window that the SE Service Drop conductors are in front of are unopenable or actually above the window (even so slightly) then it would not be a violation of the National Electrical Code. It may be a violation of common sense but again we dont reglate that…sad to report.

As you are aware the POCO is govered under the NESC and while it does mirror many portions of the National Electrical Code, it is a beast all to itself. What really should be asked is not why the POCO connected it…assuming it is clearly in front of a window or within 3’ of the sides, bottom or front of the window opening and that chances are the point of service is at the point of attachment…why did the local inspector pass the overhead service entrance conductors which begin after the point of service transfer from Utility to Electrician.