Service entry requirements

How far can the electrical service cables run from the meter base to the breaker panel inside a wall? I have read that it can be up to 10’ not in conduit inside a wall? Is this correct?

It depends on the conductors size being used.

It is 2/0 copper running from a 200amp meter base to a 200amp breaker panel.

The NEC uses the words "nearest the point of entrance of the service conductors". There is no distance in the NEC so it’s up to the jurisdiction to decide what they will allow and won’t allow. Around here 10’ is much too far.

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This cable is only running 2 feet. It comes in the wall to the bottom right of the breaker panel and then extends vertically next to the panel and enters the top of the breaker panel. All will be behind drywall when the room is finished.

The service entrance cable can run for an unlimited length on the outside of the building but once it penetrates the interior it must be kept as short as possible. IMO it needs to enter the panel nearest the point where it enters the interior.

And hidden behind drywall I think is a no, no, too.

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