Service Mast

The mast was 5’ 9’’ from the roof line, the service support wire was clamped at 4’ 9" from the roof line, are mast support wires still needed or not?

I dont believe there is an exact height requirement. Many factors such as material used - pvc or metal conduit, and how its attached below the roof . If it looks secure and not leaning etc I would not write it up.

Thanks Chris It seemed fine and support wires seemed low enough just wanted another opinion. I am sure the electrician will check it out anyway. I’ve never seen a house with 4 sub panels and so much wrong with the electric holy cow I can’t even begin to go into it.

Yeah , cant use all those paper towel cardboard tubes as a mast .

The mast is required to be able to support the load of the drop conductors. The NEC does not specify exactly how that needs to be done. The utility company may have their own standards that exceed the NEC.

From the NEC:

Thanks Robert this will help me in the future I was thinking there was a pacific height requirement

Most electric utility companies publish their own requirements.