Service panel framing

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During one of my home inspections I came across some poor framing around the service panel. Would this be considered a cosmetic defect? How would someone remediate this? Thanks in advance!

Cosmetic, unless water, etc. can infiltrate and cause damage. In which case I would refer it out to a qualified contractor and let them decide how to remediate the issue.

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Thanks for the welcome and the response Larry. I appreciate the information. The gap under this service panel is about 2 inches.

I’'m with Larry on the water penetration. Not a good idea to recess exterior panels.

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As a framer and sider by trade, and now inspector. I’m with everyone else, water penetration is a primary concern. I might be a bit out in left field, but I would write it up as function and safety.

Function aspect. It is recessed and therefore doesn’t have proper clearances.

Safety aspect. Water intrusion.

Good job on the inspection photo and question.

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No one has mentioned air infiltration.


Looks like a large opening (gap) for pest intrusion. If animals build combustible nests inside a fire could result. I would definitely recommend repair.


Agree with pests and air comments.:+1:t2:

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