Service panel questions


Fairly new inspector here and I want to double check and see if I missed anything in this service panel.

2/0 150 amp Al

I couldn’t locate the main disconnect anywhere
Panel is labeled for amp rating
No AFCI in bedrooms/panel (GFCIs present in house)
8 Cu AWG going into 30amp breaker for A/C, one of which was white with black electric tape wrapped around it
Ground cable in wrong location?
Appears to be 6 Cu AWG going into 30amp breakers for range and furnace

Can someone check this out for me? Electrical seems a bit tricky but I want to master it!

Thank you

Did you check at the meter location for the main disconnect? Your photos show a properly wired distribution panel as far as I can tell, except for the green bonding screw in the neutral bar…shouldn’t be there. The neutral bar should have no EGC’s on them and should not be bonded to the enclosure. The A/C conductors are larger than what the min states - 19.4A and the breaker size is correct - max 30A. I am just an electricians spokesperson…:cool:

I believe it is at the meter location, but it’s blocked by the meter panel. The house next to this one didn’t have the cover blocked like the pic shows.

The service (main) disconnect should always be accessible.

I will look more latter on, but first thing that stood out was the bonding screw in what appears to be a sub panel. A sub panel cant have a neutral to ground bond.