Electric service panel

Inspected a condominium that had the meter and main disconnect on the exterior of the building. The main service panel was located on a wall in the unit. Is the service panel on the wall considered a sub panel since the main disconnect is on the exterior of the building? If not, then the bonding strap was not attached to the neutral bar, which I believe should be. Also, I did not observe a connection believe the grounding and neutral bar.

The one at the meter is the main the other sub is the distribution panel.

From here the panel looks to code. You have what looks like a ground bar to the left, and there is a bridge across both insulated neutral bars like there should be. The neutral ground bond is left disconnected on the right as it should be.

All looks good from here.

Anyway, what is the amp rating of the disconnect?

One more quick question, do you have a pic of the circuit directory? I see what look like AFCI breakers.

As Roy stated the plastic cover adjacent to the meter contains the service disconnect/main CB. Any panel beyond that would be a sub-panel and the EGC’s and neutrals must be separate at the sub that’s why the SER cable feeding the sub panel has 4 conductors. {H-H-N-EGC}