Service panel

What would you say about this in a service panel?


Looks like wiring. What exactly are you questioning?

I don’t see it either. What’s the problem?

are You talking about the wire wrapped in black tape?

I would say it looks a lot better than this one.



Where’s the issue?

They only thing I could see is that the romex casing or jacketing is left more than 1/2". Other than that, beats me, Dave. :slight_smile:

Come on now Marcel, you wouldn’t write that up…now would you?

Off course not, but Paul A. would probably mention it like he has before.
Hell, the guy is asking what is wrong, I don’t see anything wrong.
I believe it is a code item, but not sure. :):smiley:

I wanted to see if any of you guys would write the long insulation and paper on the wires.

Thanks! I did not write it either. Thanks! again

The Code only specifies a 1/4" minimum on the jacket or sheath. It does not specify a maximum.

Absolutely not.

Now if it were excessive lengths, then I would write it up.

Thanks, Jim. Many think, as I used to, that longer sheathing than 1/4" or 1/2" is a violation.

What are you writing up about excessive lengths?

I don’t use a tape measure, but with the image posted, it is not considered an excessive length in my book.

That’s what I’m asking, Dave. What do you consider excessive, and what do you base it upon? I’m just curious. :wink:

I basically use my own discretion on each panel. If a panel and wiring installation is perfect and I find insulation jackets that are not cut back I let go anything under an inch. If I find a panel with several wiring defects, I simply add the excessive insulation jacket to the list.