Romex in main panel...permissible ?

Heres the pic:

No more than 1 inch of outer insulation inside a panel. Red flag: Harry Homeowner did it.

While it is nasty to look at…No where in the NEC does it limit the amount of insulation that can be inside the panel. But you can address those open KO’s in the panel if you wish…;)…Oh and the re-identification of the white conductor on a breaker as well if you so choose.

The NEC tells us to have atleast 1/4" of an inch of insulation going into enclosures, boxes and so on but it does not tell us we have to stop at 1/4".

Thanks Paul, I always thought it was wrong for insulation to be in the panel like that. I misunderstood. It’s not something you see a lot, so when you do see it, it looks wrong. I learned something today.

You get that wrong info from reporting software creating prepared comments when the should just stick with software development. That’s where that came from… do not rely on those prepared comments being correct.

Is that a local SC rule?

Disregard my post. Was taught that in my home inspector training 4 years ago and learned something new this week. My instructor was apparently wrong and I never verified it.

Don’t worry Joe…MANY instructors are wrong. The problem starts when a instructor thinks they know more than they need to learn. I have always learned this the hard way which is why I am always trying to learn and when I learn I try to help others learn.

This is how I based my 20+ years of teaching the NEC…I certainly dont know it all and I learn something new everyday…you are not alone my friend.