service amperage

A house has two 100-ampere main circuit breakers mechanically joined, one for each of the 120-volt service cables. Is this considered to be a 100 amp service or is it a 200-amp service?

It sounds like a 100 amp service disconnect but do you have any images?

This is a 100 amp service if the blue I inserted is true

I believe this is considered a two hundred service was common a few years ago 100 amp was for the home usage and 100 amps was for the electric heating system .
It should have a two inch pipe and appropriate wires feeding it …

Mike is correct. The notion that because there are two ties 100A rated ocpd’s tied together does not mean they are cumulative in ratings. If the statement is true in the original post then it is 100 Amps.

Does it look like this?

It is as I thought but I wanted clarification: if the current load exceeds 100 amperes on either supply cable the main disconnects will trip off, therefore the capacity of the disconnects is 100 amperes. Thanks for the quick responses, folks.