Set up to back feed

This is a main from a manufactured home that was set up to back feed the panel from a generator if the main power failed. There was a plug wired to the 30 amp breaker on the lower left that is not visible. Anyone have a phrase to disclose the condition and why it is bad. Also any issue with the 2 breakers painted red?

Breakers cannot be painted. Also the set up as it is can allow for a person to install the generator and cause property damage, and life safety issue. Recommend installing a transfer switch for proper generator operating condition. There are several ways an oversight could happen and cause injury. The nuetral is also not allowed in my area, spliced the way it is.

Just for curiosity,was it a male plug, or female hanging there.?

It looks like they painted them red as an indicator of which ones to manipulate when going from POCO to generator (if the 30 amp is to connect the gen)…but I would think a interlock of some sort would be sensible…where only one of the two breakers can be on at a time.

It’s dangerous just for that reason.

The reds were marked for the one to turn off and on before potentially frying yourself. The plug was a male for easy access in to the generator.

Found this setup for a generator, the plug was live at the time of the inspection!:shock:



If that breaker is turned on, someone gets hurt.

That should be checked by the installer with that infrequently used tester they use on batteries… wet tongue :mrgreen:

Power company. :wink: