This is LIVE

:shock: A 30amp 240v breaker

Not allowed

There should be a mechanical interlock to prevent this breaker and the MAIN from being energized at the same time. That male receptacle should never be energized.

No kiddn, For some dumb reason as soon as I walked up to the house I touched the ground prong. Did not realize it was live until I inspected the panel. damn glad I did not touch a hot prong. I defiantly will never touch any electrical outlets again until I know it is not live.

What was it for?

back feed for a generator I suspect

If the ground was live there are more issue here than just being hot without an interlock.

RV hook up or like Robert said, generator.

That’s not what he meant but I know what you thought he meant because thought the same thing at first too. :wink:

It is always best to consider every electrical component as energized until confirmed as off.

Contrary to what one certain person thinks, non contact testers are invaluable to have just for such purposes. Test it every use, keep it on you, and use it. Never take a chance.

If they would have installed a female receptacle the generator cord would then have male plugs at both ends which is also unsafe but at least it’s not typically left installed as that one is. A proper generator hookup is more expensive…

RV’s are either 120V 30amp (3 prong) or 240V 50 amp (4 prong) so that would fry the convertor on a 30 amp RV.

A female receptacle would have required the use of a suicide cord. The inlet is the proper thing to use. The failure was the lack ofr an interlock to prevent it being energized from the utility power.

yes, correct jim, a suicide cord would work for like a 240v appliance Like a welder or other, but the breaker was labeled for Generator, It was not set up for a generator though, no proper transfer. Just a simple 30amp direct feed that should have been a female outlet. I do carry a electricity tester on me. And tested it later. I will NEVER touch anything again. The ground was not live, and that is what i touched. But I touched it ignorantly without thought and could just as simply touch the hot prong. That would have hurt. Becareful out there. Kids have been living here for 5 yrs. They could have opened it up and touched it to.

Too many have a little knowledge and think they are ok.
Under correct conditions 32 volts can kill a person .
No I will not explain it here but will explain it to any Electricians.

Don’t you carry a voltage sniffer?