Seven Deadly Sins

just watched it and thought others would enjoy :twisted:


I always try to stay one bite away from gluttony.

Except for my belly, no one can tell. :slight_smile:

Intresting, thanks Barry!

Anyone see the Brad Pitt - Morgan Freeman movie SEVEN… disturbing to say the least…:shock:

7 of the best moments in acting :cool:

Anyone know which of the seven is considered the ‘worst’ in the Bible?

(The winner gets a free chicken fried steak dinner at Eddies Restaurant in beautiful downtown Hickory Grove, SC.)

IMHO lust is the best :wink:



You are going to shovel coal in Hell! :twisted:

If there is a hell, maybe.

If not I gotta tell you, I had one hell of a good time :mrgreen:

No regrets


Hell may be an awful place, but it won’t be lonely…:shock:

Almost everyone I know is likely to be there!! :twisted:

Watched it the other night…very interesting.