Sewer Clean out "cap"...? Up to code..?

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Code Check notes threaded PVC plugs with raised nut for wrenching or “lid type” with corrosion resistant fastener. IS this considered “lid type”?

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Yes, that’s a lid.

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That is a Fernco QC-103, 3" Qwik Cap made of flexible PVC. If you read the documentation on the manufacturer site you will see the only standard they are listing for this device, and they comply with, is ASTM D-5926 which is for PVC gaskets for DWV, etc. There are no listed ICC Evaluation Services Reports for this product. If you are going to use the building codes as your standard (you reference the “Code Check” series) then the answer is no it is not a correct cap for a DWV system. This would be described in IRC P3005.2.6, P3002.2 & P3002.3 with their accompanying tables. You will see that the material used is not explicitly approved and does not meet any of the ASTM standards listed as the required ASTM standards for plumbing materials.

BTW I do write up every one of those I find as they are subject to a higher degree of damage and failure than a proper PVC cap.


Some local plumbing codes allow the use of Fernco couplings on DWV lines, that cap though would be considered a temporary install. What is temporary, that is the question.

Yes sir, call it out.

A screw pug it considered a ‘finished’ DWV examination and maintenance point.
Temporary would be something that is not securely affixed.