PVC ( plug ) capping copper piping..., Is it acceptable?

Cut-off is located in the garage…
Piping looks good with no leaks…Is the pvc cap acceptable?



Generally speaking, yes. However, this looks like the position where the pressure relief valve should have been located. Was there a PRV elsewhere on the system?

Not sure if I would call it out, but here’s the c*de.

2009 IRC P2904.17.2 Plastic pipe or tubing to other piping material.
Joints between different types of plastic pipe or between plastic
pipe and other piping material shall be made with an approved
adapter fitting.

*Commentary: *The joining of different types of plastic pipe, and of
plastic pipe to other piping materials, requires the use
of adapter fittings specifically designed for such connections.
The adaptor fitting must be compatible with
the two dissimilar materials being joined.

Adapter fittings must be evaluated individually and
approved by the code official. Some key items to review
when evaluating adaptor fittings are joint tightness,
compatibility of the adaptor with the dissimilar
materials being joined, and the presence of any
ledges, shoulders or reductions that could retard or
obstruct the flow of water in the piping.

The CPC is similar to the IRC on this matter, however, I don’t believe this qualifies as a “joint” or “union.”

CPC 316.2.3 Plastic Pipe to Other Materials. When connecting plastic pipe to other types of piping, only approved types of fittings and adapters designed for the specific transition intended shall be used.

whatever it is, it looks torn up and would need to be replaced anyway.

About 8" down from the plastic cap.

I see a pressure regulator, not a pressure-relief valve.

Touche - brain fart.

Thanks everybody for the feedback