Sewer line cleanout

I have searched for the answer to this but have found nothing specific.
How high above ground should this be and should it have a threaded cap.

In my area, the cleanout does not have to be above ground nor does the cap need to be threaded.

ditto :smiley:


What kind of cap was that? Looked like concrete.

The cap is a push on 4" with a bunch of dirt on top.
That is probably why I cannot find a code, there is not one.

The cap is just a push on pvc 4", with dirt on top.
I probably can not find code because there is not one.

Same here. No need to be above ground and no requirement to have a screw on cap.

If the cleanout is too far out of the ground, it usually gets trimmed by a mower, and I have seen that. In some cases, they end up buried.