Sewer Pipeline Imaging Camera

**Wohler 220 sewer pipeline Imaging Camera.

comes with 100 ft cable with attached camera with LED lighting,

Professional equipment carries only the 65 ft. I purchased the additional footage for convenience of lengthy jobs…

z603-2200 is the 65 ft…Cost [size=3]$2,054.00
I paid $2,565.00

I am selling this for $1,250.00 plus shipping…

This equipment is in MINT condition…
approximate weight 35 lbs…


  1. 100 ft cable with camera and LED built in
  2. hard shell casing
  3. approx: 6x6 Monitor built into the case.
  4. 2 battery’s which can last up to 6 hours straight running.

If you are interested please contact me
with an email…i am home usually after 2pm central time, to check messages on here…This equipment will be shipped with insurance coverage which will be added…

thnxs hope to hear from you guys…


Aram are you going out of business?

I am interested. Please call me.

Linas… I think Aram stopped performing HI about a year ago.

Peter… you may want to call Aram, as I don’t see him here very often, anymore.


Please give me a call. I sent an email to you from the address on your site and it bounced back. (318) 294-1972

this product is SOLD…THNXS FOXE…