Sewer line inspection cameras

For those who do sewer line inspections, what camera do you use?

I sub these out to a local plumbing contractor, the last i checked these cameras were to expensive for my limited use…

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I sub this service out.

I know you have multiple inspectors so it might not be a bad idea for you to do it in house. Perhaps find someone that is experienced at sewer scoping.

You could also make this person a dedicated sewer scope technician and provide your services to other home inspectors in your area.

I would check with plumbing companies and suppliers to see what they recommend for equipment also.

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Thanks David, I am working with the local Sewer expert here, I was just looking for more from possibly experienced inspectors doing there own sewer inspection, I have a hired full time sewer inspector now, I am just trying to complete any outside info I can get, not much on training through NACHI on it, I turn away a couple sewer inspections a day without marketing it, Time to start earning on it, Factor #6 in STACKS, " How good you are at selling additional ancillary inspection services" is my #1 goal this year.

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Wholer vis 350. I’m pretty happy with it. If your interested in getting one, I can look up info and tell you where to get…

We use a Rigid Sea Snake. Portable, battery powered, hand held unit with 100 feet of cable.
Bought it at Ohio tool for 3200.00

is 1oo feet enough to do a proper inspection??

That really depends on your local area.

Older homes are likely to need longer.

At the Nachi facility class, we were taught 140 feet is a better length.

But I have yet to acquire my camera

Check out
They have a modular system and over night ship any parts that break down so you minimize down time.

Hi Peter,

Larry Cage suggested I contact you regarding septic and sewer lines. Do you know how my company can get educated to perform these type of inspections? I currently sub them out.
Thank you, Tim

Hi Tim, All of Peter’s info is in his signature in post #6. You will have better luck emailing him directly, I would think. And, my last name is with a “K”. :stuck_out_tongue:

Just an update. I have had Wholer cameras since 2015-2016. Initially we were happy, but we have had several issues with these cameras over the years. Service has not been great. At this point I would not recommend. We will probably be going to rigid on our next units.

I use a Viztrac with a cable that’s just shy of 200 feet, but would recommend a Rigid instead.

Hi Adam,
I was using a outside contractor and got tired of the scheduling hassles. So I got certified and bought my own set-up. I use a Ridgid Sea Snake Mini Trusense model 63628 with 200’ cable and a Ridgid Sea Snake CS65x. Bought it through Ohio Tool. They had a deal going and I got a Sonde NaviTrack Scout with it for “free”.

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Thanks for the referral, Evan. I’ve got three referrals for the Ridgid cameras now.

You’re welcome Adam. It’s my pleasure.