Sewer Scope Inspections

Thinking of adding sewer scope inspections to my inspection services. Trying to gauge how many CPI’s offer this service and if it is worth the investment to purchase the equipment.

Kenneth, I think InterNACHI has a class that may get you started to make contacts especially that you can refer for repairs and/or lining the pipe.

Just a thought…Oh, and your insurance agent could be a good source, too.

Thanks Larry,
I will check with the insurance agents.

While you’re researching purchasing the equipment, take note of all the ‘used’ eq for sale out there, and ask yourself “why”?

I’ll admit there is a whole lotta things that I’ve never done, but sewer inspections sure ain’t too much fun.

Besides… How do you keep your hands clean? :crazy_face:

Have my son do it while I supervise. Lol

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