sewer/ducts camera inspections

I have been getting lots of requests for this service. I have been just sending the work to my plumber and a duct company, but he doesn’t have time for some of them, particularly if they add at the last minute. I have been looking at buying a camera and using for sewer and ducts. I checked out the video on nachitv and that was informative. Any suggestions on good camera setups? or is this even a service I should provide? I think that I can market the service and charge an additional 2-250/house for the main line only. Is it worth the liability? Thanks for the help!

If I was starting my business over again I would have got some training and purchased a camera as I have left a lot of money on the table by not providing this service. I would of also gotten my termite license

I have a wohler 350. I use it for chimneys and sewer lines. The only problem is that the accessories for it cost an arm and a leg. I’ve had to make a few myself.

Any suggestions for training?

I would find a friendly plumber out of your area (don’t expect someone to train their competition) that performs that service.

BTW that might be a good subject for training at one of our Nachi meetings that you don’t attend;-) we would like your attendance:D

United Infrared has training and equipment.

Most sewer scopes here are done for $99. Not worth the time or headaches. When I am done with an inspection I am too tired to now do a sewer scope. But then again, I am an old fart.

They charge $200.00 and up here for the sewer and or duct system under the slab.

Its a nice add on even for a old fart but I suspect you are younger than me;-)

Eric Richards is doing them.

Do you use a seperate agreement for these inspections?

I would add to my agreement on these. Just a short few lines of CYA… Initial here if you want/dont want. May even help sell some. I don’t really want to push them, but several agents have asked me to do them. One competitor is charging 250 for the main line and 250 if they want laterals done. My plumber that I was sending the work to was 350 for the main, 300 for the laterals, and extra 200 if they want things located/marked. The biggest thing for me is being able to get them done with short timeline. If I can do the main for a few hundred when I am there, it would pay for itself pretty quick.

Has anyone done the united infrared training that Frank posted (thanks Frank)? Looks like may be good?

One of my contacts suggested the rigid see snake, but the price on the Wohler stuff is much better. I am willing to spend money to make money, but 5-7k for a camera and 1k for the locator seems a bit high…

Charley, I will try to make the next Nachi meeting that is this way… The last one was on ice hockey night, and I take the old man league seriously…