Sewer Scope Template

Hey guys. Anyone willing to share their template they use for sewer scopes? I am going to add it to my services and it would be great to have a good starting point that I can then customize to my needs. Any help would be much appreciated.

Ask in the FB group, might get help there. I have not seen one yet. HomeGauge Users Public Group | Facebook

Just curious but why is a template needed ? Simply create your own . I use HIP but know HG lets you create them easily as well.Not a knock …but when i see this common question it s usually a less experienced Inspector who really means give me a template with the text comments so I can learn .

I was hesitant posting this as I knew how it would look, so I know what you are saying and agree. I probably will end up creating my own template, as I have done for other inspections I offer. I know the common defects found in a main drain line and how to call them out. So I am not after comments as much as I am wanting to see how others have their template “laid out”. There are many inspectors on here with 20+ years of experience, I am not to proud to reach out and hopefully avoid mistakes they have made over the years.


Thanks Bob!

Hi Jason, Mike Krumm with Colorado’s Best Home Inspections LLC (CBHI) and (IM) Home Inspector Mentoring & Training. We offer sewer scope services with our home inspection company (CBHI). We use 3D software. We made a custom form for sewer scopes, this is where we list length of line, type of material used, defects found, location of where we entered the line. We also include a link to the video of the sewer line. Our training company (IM) offeres an online and a hands on in person class offered at the InterNACHI House of Horrors in Colorado as well as Florida. Both these classes allow you to be Sewer Scope Certified and are the only classes that lets you become a InterNACHI Sewer Scope Certified Inspector. In this class we will teach you how to identify multiple different types of material used for sewer lines, defects you may encounter, reporting, and more. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at

Hey Mike. Thank you for the reply. I actually got some help and have created a template of my own, I have included pretty much the same components that you have mentioned you guys include.
Its funny that you mention the training as I just did it on Monday! It was great, Jim did a fantastic job explaining everything with the different types of pipes and defects you can expect to come across. What I didnt expect from the class was how much information he gave on the business side of doing scopes. With agreements, reports, and even sharing how scopes have helped CBHI grow. I would recommend it to anyone that is thinking of starting to offer scopes or even already doing them. I wish I would have taken it much sooner into this process.

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