Universal Template

Anyone know if any progress has been made as far as implementing a universal template? I know Russell mentioned it in the HG forum a year or so ago. Having to upload and download templates for each-and-every single report I do, just because I have a field laptop and office desktop is getting very tiring. I really hope at this point that I’m just doing something wrong and there is an easy way to use multiple platforms.

I have one for Hip.

Instead of uploading multiple templates just start the report on your desktop with basic info, (clients name, address, etc.) select the template you want to use for that inspection, then upload to cloud. Takes less than five minutes.

Pretty sure he meant one template to cover all type inspections. Not sure about HG but in HIP you can hide sections.

Since you don’t use Home Gauge, and have yet to figure out how to use mobile technology to your advantage regarding home inspections, you’re only guessing.

I am only guessing what he meant.
Some reason you mentioned me not using mobile on site much ?

My knowledge about mobile HIP is pretty high or did you forget I have been involved with testing it since its HIP inception ?


Every single day I practice and test templates for speed and time savings.

1}Desktop takes longer because you are faster on site but need to input more at home.
2}Mobile takes longer on site but is faster at home because much of the photo slotting and/or text comments are done as you inspect.

My take for me personally is my personal and business preference includes total focus on my environment because besides following a set routine that all of us veterans have I do two things that mobile users most likely struggle with ,which is to pay attention to my client and show them everything plus always be looking at the subject property and scanning for irregularities.

I am pretty much at the point that I can group my photo notes into systems for easy and brainless report writing at home while not sacrificing time and attention.

I’ve been using Home Gauge for about 10 years and have not had a need for a “universal template”
Perhaps you need to learn how to use the software and create your own “universal template”.
Spend a few days on the Home Gauge You Tube website to learn how to create a template to meet your everyday needs.
You can add and hide sections throughout your report but you have to do it. The software can’t think for you.

Agree. I use the InterNachi template 99.9% of the time. I modify template as needed so it constantly improves over time to meet my inspection routine. I’ve also added sections that are hidden by default until I need them.

I created a “condo” template. That was a waste of time. In the future I’ll be using my base template for everything.

Russell has stated the next HG release will have a universal comment library, if that is what you are referring to.


Did the same thing, now I load my base template and hide the exterior and roof section put the narratives in those sections and also in the header for condo.

Wow, this topic went all over the place. Simply put, I use a laptop in the field and a desktop at home. I’m always modifying the template to improve accuracy and efficiency. I’m sure anyone that uses two computers will tell you, as soon as the template is changed, you know have to find a way to move the report AND template over separately. If you use Companion, great! I’m grateful it’s available. But I need something more powerful. I know Russell has a lot of different people to keep happy but I really feel like this could save anyone with 2 platforms and a full schedule a lot of time (unless there’s already a way).

With utmost respect, if you have a system that works for you and don’t think anything is missing in the current system, then congratulations! But mentioning that you don’t need a feature that could help others significantly doesn’t benefit anyone.


I also have a “base/universal/everything” template. Once you figure out how to use the software, you can do any inspection with the same template. I have 1 residential and 1 commercial template.

I see what you’re saying. I don’t think there is an easy way to do it. If there were, then many people wouldn’t use Companion. It would be nice if you could back-up to a flash drive to transfer the template. Maybe it is that easy. Someone with more knowledge might know.

All good answers. I still don’t fully understand Will’s question…if as he says no one has really answered it? Currently most users will use one template and change the overview and report intro with the auto-comment feature to turn the one template into a Condo, or old home, new construction etc. We do have separate templates for those as well but the comments library is template specific. We do plan to change that.

Also, no matter the preference, when you are using two devices you can easily move the updated template to another device with the command feature upload cloud templates and settings and download cloud templates and settings. Without HG Services you can move a template with a few more steps using a usb stick.

In the future we plan to have an auto-sync ability so you wont have to move your template manually. When? …In the future, no date projected but it is on our list of to do’s

Yes, the next whole number release or version 6

Do you have instructions on moving the template to a user stick?



Russell, for not understanding my question your answered hit the nail on the head. Yes, I do use HG cloud to send the templates back and forth. It’s just another step that just adds time. These fixes you mention would be tremendously helpful:


I know from this forum that many or most of us (myself included) don’t use multiple templates simply b/c we would need to add separate canned comments to every single template.

Thanks for taking the time to answer. I know your crew is busy but hopefully we don’t have to wait a few more years for this handy update.