Sewer stink from kitchen sink and dishwasher

Doing an inspection in a house that presumably has been empty. Long enough for the p-traps to dry out. But after running water in all the drains, the stink gets worse, but only in the kitchen sink and dishwasher. Walked away and came back to try again, and the stink comes back as soon as water starts draining. Why?

Are there AAV’s installed? These do go bad every few years under normal usage.
If no AAV’s present, suspect improper vent pipe configuration, damaged trap not holding water seal, broken connection, and on, and on, and on…

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Age of home.
Images of plumbing pipes.
Images of and traps.

Run a hot cycle through the dishwasher and see if the smell returns.

You sure it’s not hydrogen sulfide from the water heater? Vacant houses often have smelly water when re-activated.

And how do you know the P-traps were dried out?


I was thinking no dishwasher drain high loop?

What did your plumber recommend

Same here and there is some bacterial growth in the dishwasher lower reservoir. Running a sink drain will create a negative pressure and pull that smell up.


No AAVs. I did notice that there were only two plumbing vents on the roof but there is only one bath. A 4" for the bath and 1 1/2" for the kitchen. The house was built in 1912, but almost all ABS pipe until it gets to the main stack (cast iron). My client spoke to the agent who told her that the owner had been out of the house for a while, so when I first smelled the stink, my first assumption was the dry p-traps.
I screwed up big time tho guys, I have been thru my photos several times now and I can’t find the photo of the drain under the sink! Of course I remember looking but not seeing anything out of the ordinary. Ugh.

It is best to have the dishwasher drain angled up immediately where it attaches to the waste disposal. If it does not, nasty water will pool in the line and go bad. This is not the same as a high loop, a dip in the line next to the disposal is “where the nastiness happens” and will grow 'stink" in that section, high loop or no high loop.

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And if there was a garbage disposal, they can harbor some nasty smells as well.