stinky drains

A seller told me today that she has sink drains that stink after only a few hours of not having water run down them. She asked me what she could do to stop this from happening. I had no idea so any insight would be nice. I don’t know if it matters but she had AAV’s

Just a few thoughts…
How many drains are like this? One? Three?
If only one, does the Trap have a leak, allowing the seal to open and allow sewer gas to enter the home?
How old are the AAV’s? Are they of proper size? Are they installed porperly? (They only have a normal lifespan of a few years).

Well I read the email again and it’s all her bathroom sinks so No aav and I doubt all three are leaking. I’ll clarify with her. But good points thanks man. Anything else?

I wonder could it be an improper trap installation sucking out all the water allowing the sewer gas to come up .
Try and just putting in a cup of water if no smell that could be the reason… Roy

Sometimes it is coming from the over flow give it a sniff! If it is, pour down some backing soda and water and rinse with vinegar it will kill all the nasty smell.

Bingo… I forgot we had this same thing many years ago .
I filled the sink with water then with a tube I sent lime away down the hole .
Char now frequently pours some Bleach down the hole no more smells .
Good luck let us know how you make out please … Thanks

I was thinking possibly an “S” trap also. Did you get to see the plumbing?

Yeah there were no s-traps. I gave them a list of things it could be and remedies based on some of the stuff you guys said here. Thanks! Ill let you guys know what it was when I find out.