Shake shingle damage

I will be Inspecting a shake roof tomorrow. Client says they have hail damage. Insurance company says no. Two roofing companies say yes. Client wants a third opinion from me. Shake roof are not common at all in my area. Can any one give me some pointers on hail damage to shakes? I have a trusted roofer that should be able to go with me.

If you decide that it is hail damage, what is the clients benefit?
If you decide that it is NOT hail damage, what is the clients benefit?

Personally I would refer them to an insurance adjuster.

Go here. The insurance company almost alwasy says NO. Your customer may need to hire their own Public Adjuster. They get a commission only if they recover from the insurance company (usually around 10%). That is a great incentive to do the job right and fight for the customer.

Good link and site Doug, that should be great help.

Thanks, I can use that too! :):smiley:

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Haag Engineering in Dallas trains insurance adjusters for MANY major insurance companies and are considered wood shake / shingle guru’s.

Their classes and books with LOTS of photos on REAL hail damage versus faked hail damage are great.

In my area quite a few of the better home inspectors have journeyed to DFW for their 3 day class on this. Well worth the trip.

Google them.

Thanks for the info guys. Thats a good pub Doug.

You might want to hold off on traveling to Dallas for the Haag class. The InterNACHI roof inspection courses will include the Haag information and more.

The script for this video course runs about 340 pages. We start shooting this week. We’re hoping to put it up this year.

Another one of your good ones coming up Kenton?

Can’t wait to see it, I am sure it will be good as always. :slight_smile:

Thanks Marcel, research and writing began last December. It’s pretty much all I’ve worked on all year.