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I have a question, as many of you know; we had a tornado about .5 mile from my house and we had some hail damage to the house, to include siding and a couple of broken windows. We also had some (I thought) minor hail damage to the roof, but to several shingles, probably about 20 or so. I don’t find any significant damage other than that, but the insurance adjuster was here the other day and left me a message on my voice mail that they are replacing the roof; I’m just not sure why, what are the normal guidelines that are used to determine a roof replacement?


You are getting a new roof, and you are complaining???

Wish my insurance company was so generious!!!

I would take the word of the adjuster and keep my mouth shut!!!

Each insurance company has their own guide lines, and as a prior insurance adjuster, if the roof is as you say, I would only have called for replacement/repair of the damaged area. That being said, I have know some insurance companies that will replace the entire roof instead of hap hazard repairs. There are no set guide lines, just the opinion and recommendation of the adjuster.

So, either the adjuster saw more damage than you did, or he is incomptent.

You get a completely new roof, will last for 20 plus years, take it and run!!!


My wife is in the insurance profession. from what I understand, the insurance company would much rather replace the whole roof than be called 15 times because other shingles tore lose in a 15 mile an hour wind. In other words, one claim is more cost effective than multi able claims for the same issue.

Michael, that makes sense. I am not complaining about a new roof, I am wondering if there is something more to hail damage than is normally visible. Now I am SERIOUSLY considering putting a metal roof on it. I have been thinking about it when the roof was up for replacement in about 10 years; but now it may have just been moved up.

I keep trying to convince my wife to keep the present roof and trade the motorcycle for a new one instead, but I’m not having much luck :):):slight_smile:

Some insurance companies have their adjusters mark off a 10x10 area on the roof, and count the hail hits. If there are 10 or more, the slope gets replaced rather than repaired. Some companies go with 5 or more hits per square. That should be a tear off and replacement, including plumbing vent boots.
If your roof was totaled, and you got some repair $ for siding and windows, check your window screens, gutters, downspouts and A/C unit. Do you have a deck? How about a wood privacy fence? Outbuildings? Good luck.

This may help you

That should sound awesome during the next hail storm. I hope you like drums?

Audio-aficionado, are we? :smiley:

It is not their money they are spending.

Had one in Denver years ago, cedar roof, damaged by hail, owners took a cash settlement, the roof lasted another 5 or so years, replaced it when they decided to sell.

Had another in Fresno, Ca, apartment complex damaged by hail, insurance covered a full new roof. The owner was a very happy camper as the old roof was at the very end of its life.

Another one in Seattle, wind storm blew tree down on house, insurance covered the entire cost. Roof at that time was about 20 years old. (see next as to why insurance co. paid full amount, no deprecation)

In order to get full reimbursement for a claim, you need to have “replacement cost” in the policy, or the insurance co. can depreciate the cost by the amount of time the roof has been on.

Go for the Harley!!! You’ll get more enjoyment out of that than a metal roof!

Have metal roof on my vacation home has its advantages, but the big disadvantage is the noise in a heavy rain.

Harley-roof?, Harley-roof.? Tough choice, am sure you will make the right one???

If you have no roof leaks and the damage to the roof is questionable, and your insurance company is sending you a check, why not put it in a interest bearing savings account and wait until you REALLY need a new roof? I just can’t tell you what bank to put it in :slight_smile:

The hell with a bank put it in gold or silver.

I am a Catastrophe Insurance Adjuster. Your Adjuster may have found more than 20 shingles damaged. He probably saw impact bruises to shingles on several slopes. He has to find X-number of shingles damaged in a particular dimensional square and then follow the Insurance Companies formula to determine if your roof qualifies for Repair or Replacement. Also, since the wind was so close there may have been granule loss as well as broken or damaged shingle tabs. If your policy is a Replacement cost policy, then get estimates. If it cost more to replace your roof and other damages than the amount that they have given you, then you can file a Supplement Claim to recoup the actual cost of repairs.

Maybe this helped.

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