Insurance Roof adjusters?????

Just a statement about insurance adjusters. Do other areas have the same inconsistency with adjuster that I have in my area concerning hail damage to roofs. Living in the hail belt this is a big concern to me as an inspector.

I see adjusters that have a roof beat to death and will say no damage and on the other side will have other adjusters that will call for replacement with very little to no damage. I am just wondering what kind of qualifications these folks are suppose to have to be an adjuster???

I know around here they have to replace a hail damaged roof if your can find ten hits in a 1 sq ( 10x10 ) area. The whole roof can be fine but one sq has ten hits the insurance company has to by the roof. I have delt with many ajusters over the years and this is the rule they live by.

Texas requires adjusters to be trained, licensed and complete annual CEU. With that being said, it still does not mean a lot here in Texas.

As for inconsistencies it could potentially be a matter of company employed adjuster Vs. Contracted Adjuster by the insurance company. Insurance adjusting is a lucrative business for contract adjusters. I’ve spoken with several during the hurricane Katrina/Rita affair while in New Orleans. These guys/gals travel the country following natural disasters and make their pay on a commission scale based as a percentage of the claim amount. The bigger the claim the bigger their commission! That’s not to say they are falsifying the claims. Instead the company guys are wanting to save the company money and the contractors have no incentive to.