Sharing a Gas Vent

I did an inspection today and found that the new hot water heater and new furnace are sharing a vent pipe. Both are gas and the everything is new. Does anyone see any serious issues with the venting? Thanks


No, but where is the cold water shutoff.?

Is that a return in front of a furnace?

So you guys don’t see a problem with an electrical outlet on the floor near the water heater?
Up in here in Ontario you can no longer do it. Have to be separate.

Gerry ,the return in front of the furnace is OK with you?

Ha Ha they are both bad.
I think someone is testing us.

Especially when that TPR blows. lol

Oh My!

Hope that is the bottom floor,and with no GFCI they better wear rubber boots.

Thanks guys. Here are a few more. How in the hell do I write this one up? :roll: There is a wire that is connected outside of the heater and goes into the heater. I never even pulled the cover off, had no clue what the wire was for. And No no test here. Help :shock: Why can’t the plumber just complete the job for once and get the TPR valve vented? Grrrr. Cold water, never did find it. Yes, that is the return in front of the furnace.

Shut off needs a wrench… Drain pan needs a drain pipe…

Thermostat wire… Who knows but low voltage and could be a few things…

I would ignore all, but the drain pan is interesting.
Was this on the second floor?

No, this house is only a single story.

Maybe they put the drain pan there rather than move the shock box near the furnace.

If this is in the basement it is unusual to find a drain pan unless flooding will cause damage near by.

Always used to protect something ,so you need to figure if it should be piped to a nearby floor drain.

All this equipment is in the living space of the house. I believe it need needs to be plugged or vented to the outside some how. If this room floods, it floods into the bathrooms and hallway until it over spills into the intake.

You are correct.

Thank You Bob and everyone for your help. 5am comes early.


Its a combustion air intake ;-).

Yeah ,gee whiz,how did I miss that one.
Must be the new Cat 7 model,named after the fact you better be a Cat with 7 lives.

I think it is metal to help protect you when touching the floor outlet.