2 hot water heaters and furnace on same vent

Is there anything wrong with the venting in this picture?

There are 2 propane hot water heaters, the first is in the left side of the picture, kinda hiding, the second is in line and the flue steps up in size. Then the propane furnace comes in from the other direction and they all vent out nicely to the chimney.

What should be called out here? if anything?



Need better picture. Can’t see the flue, etc. well enough to actually comment.

Sorry, this is all I got of this one.

I can tell to much from the pick but the return grill could be a problem.

It looks fine to me.

Good caught. I did not notice the return grill.

Thats a return all right
Good catch David.

Scott what leads you to beleive there is a problem venting two water heaters.

It is ok if the duct is sized right.

BTW, did you note the slipping insulation blanket (possibly obstructing air-flow to the burner)?

What about the TP valve?

A Level 2 evaluation of the chimney / flue.

Any thing wrong here.?
My Inspection from yesterday.

DSCN0028 (Small).JPG

DSCN0028 (Small).JPG

DSCN0028 (Small).JPG

table saw.JPG

Alright, Joseph. I need more information on that one.

I’ve never seen a chimney sweep do anything to furnace flues, even if they exit through a “chimney” like in some of the uber-wealthy areas here. They concern themselves with “fireplaces and chimneys.”

Good call Joe, that comment made me rethink that----there is a wood stove above and there is only a single flue in the chimney:( .

With the venting, the furnace comes in at one side of the “T” and the water heaters come in on the other side, are there any pressure concerns I should note? also, is the vent sizing proper as it is set up.

Thanks for the comments so far.

From the photo all of the flue appears to be dead level which would be wrong.

Wait a minute here , if that furnace is on a 90 it is wrong.
It must have an angle to direct it out and into the chimney flue.

Call it out.

By the way, my pic shows them using the flue for a table saw.

That flue tee is so big, I would have a hard time believing that the gas is not venting properly, even though it is laying flat.

Unless the furnace by chance as a powered vent than it is wrong.

It appears to have a pitch to me. It does not take much to get a proper draft.